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Somos Agua: Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit through Interactive Traveling Murals

art somos agua Apr 12, 2024

Great Spirit

Guide me to know the water within me and around my world.

This is dedicated to all the children in the world, 

To our antepasados. 

To all water protectors around the world…

To Mother Earth, 

To Tonantzin and her ecosystem, which we all live on…together.  

We are all in this together.


In the heart of Alamosa, Colorado, a transformative art project called Somos Agua created waves of healing and empowerment. Founded by Belinda Garcia, Somos Agua aims to address historical trauma, break down barriers, and promote mental health awareness within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. Through interactive traveling murals, the project fosters safe spaces for transformation, bringing people together to celebrate their shared experiences and honor the importance of water in our lives.

The Origins of Somos Agua:
Somos Agua traces its roots back to a Historical Trauma workshop conducted in Alamosa. Participants from all corners of El Valle de San Luis gathered to explore the lasting effects of historical trauma. The workshop sparked powerful emotional shifts, as individuals confronted the sadness and trauma passed down through generations. Recognizing the need for healing, community support, and safe spaces to seek help, Belinda Garcia envisioned an artistic endeavor that would bring these aspirations to life.

The Mural Process:
The creation of the Somos Agua murals is more than just painting on walls - it is a holistic journey of education, community engagement, and celebration. Through workshops and events, the project provides opportunities for residents of diverse backgrounds, economic statuses, and ethnicities to connect, learn, and create art together. This multi-dimensional community effort not only fosters artistic expression but also builds social support networks that promote healthier behaviors and relationships.

Breaking Barriers and Addressing Stigmas:
One of the core objectives of Somos Agua is to address stigmas and accessibility issues surrounding mental health. By creating safe spaces for transformation, the project empowers participants, especially children and members of the BIPOC community, to break away from culturally derived barriers that hinder their mental well-being. Through the power of art and community support, Somos Agua aims to dismantle these barriers and open doors to healing and self-discovery.

The Significance of Water:
Water holds profound cultural, spiritual, and historical significance, particularly within indigenous communities. The murals of Somos Agua pay homage to this connection, celebrating water as a source of life, healing, and spirituality. By acknowledging ourselves as water protectors and safeguarding our clean water, the project emphasizes the interconnectedness between water and all communities. "Somos Agua" carries a profound message: water is life.

Expanding the Reach:
The impact of Somos Agua extends beyond the walls of Alamosa. With plans to travel to other parts of the state and eventually other states, the project aims to document stories from various communities and forge lasting relationships. By engaging participants of all ages, from 4-year-olds to 84-year-olds, Somos Agua embraces intergenerational connections and encourages the sharing of diverse experiences and perspectives.

Somos Agua is more than just a mural project - it is a movement that advocates for balanced mental health, community support, and the preservation of water as a vital resource. Through its interactive traveling murals, Somos Agua creates spaces for healing, empowerment, and celebration. By breaking down barriers, addressing stigmas, and fostering meaningful connections, the project invites us all to recognize the importance of water in our lives and embrace our roles as water protectors. Together, we can build healthier relationships, stronger communities, and a brighter future for all.

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